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SJE Newsletter 2024 Term 2 Week 10

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SJE Newsletter 2024 Term 2 Week 10


Dear Parents/ Guardians,


Lately there has been much written in educational circles about the effect of social media on young adults and teenagers and their learning. A by-product of the surge in social media usage by young people has been a decrease in reading capacity. The flow on from this has been an impact on the writing capacity of students. Those who regularly read have a better vocabulary and writing ability.


PISA (Programme for International Student Assessment) is one of the international assessments of the National Assessment Program (NAP). The NAP is part of a national strategy to monitor and report on student achievement, in a comparable and consistent way. This allows Australian governments (Federal and State) to monitor progress against the Melbourne Declaration Goals for Young Australians.

It is useful to note that PISA data can tell us much about student progress across multiple subject areas and it can show factors that impact individual achievement.

One common finding in PISA tests in recent years is the exceptional importance of reading and how, if regular, it can enhance student learning outcomes.


While there is a multitude of factors that can impact achievement (e.g. the quality of instruction, access to learning resources and contextual family information), there is an extremely strong correlation between the time spent reading each day and learning growth and achievement.

In the most recent PISA test data, an analysis of close to 200,000 students, revealed that there was a very strong connection between reading engagement and reading performance in all 32 countries examined.

Students who were in the habit of reading regularly, read diverse texts and regarded reading as valuable, scored higher on PISA’s combined reading literacy scale.

Of particular interest was that a student’s ‘level of reading engagement’ was found to be a more significant factor than gender or socioeconomic status. Students with high reading engagement scored significantly above the international average on the ‘combined reading literacy scale’. Therefore, students by taking the initiative with reading, could and can overcome traditional barriers to achievement.



Students at St John’s read regularly in their English classes BUT we know that if students read every day for at least 20 minutes SIGNIFICANT IMPROVEMENT can result.

Reading is enjoyable. Reading widely ensures that balance exists in a person’s life and that we don’t miss out on gaining greater general knowledge required in our lives.

Twenty minutes of reading every day can extend a student’s vocabulary considerably, but it can also enhance learning engagement, literacy skills and positively impact on a student’s capacity for critical thinking.

Students have access to many physical books from our School Library and they also have access to a broad array of digital texts. I prefer an actual book that I can take around with me, this is a personal choice and digital platforms have a broad and diverse range of material. So, regardless of the format, let's encourage reading!

We wish all families a wonderful winter break and a safe and happy time away from school. See you all on Tuesday 23rd July (Monday is a Staff Development Day).



Mr Wayne Marshall




    As we draw near to the end of Term 2, we welcome the opportunity to reflect on Semester 1, renew our learning vision and set goals for the remainder of the year. We not only have high expectations for student learning and growth but also in their ability to get the small things right, such as wearing their uniform correctly. We regularly have conversations with students, parents and carers about the high standards that St John’s has in regards to the school uniform. In making a commitment to attend this school, the uniform policy is a key part of the whole package, this is a challenge for some students.  We aim to build students' resilience by holding them accountable for their choices in regards to the school uniform as it is these small decisions of wearing the right uniform each day that demonstrates to their teachers a commitment to their learning and to the school.  It is these small decisions that ensure their relationships remain positive and that they proudly represent St John’s in the wider community. We ask that all students return in Term 3 proudly achieving all of the uniform expectations of our school. To provide clarity, please see some of our uniform expectations outlined below:


    • Hair is to be neat and tidy
    • Hair must be pulled back if it is long enough to touch the collar of the school uniform
    • No rats tails or horsies (these can no longer be pinned back) 
    • No extreme mullets - significant changes in length (hair must be blended)



    • Maximum of two predominantly gold or silver studs or sleepers (maximum size of a 5-cent piece) in each ear (no earrings that dangle)
    • Two predominantly gold or silver bracelets OR one watch and one bracelet (no leather)
    • One gold or silver necklace (no leather, no pendants other than appropriate religious symbols)
    • No facial piercings (clear retainers are acceptable)



    • Sports shoes - must be predominantly black or white joggers (no skate shoes)



    • School shoes - must be black leather lace-up


    • No colourful nail polish
    • No fake eyelashes
    • Students must be clean shaven


    • The school jumper may be worn with both the school and sports uniforms
    • Students may wear a plain white long sleeve top under their school shirt
    • Hoodies are NOT acceptable

    Please be aware that the following processes used to manage uniform will be implemented on Day 1 of Term 3 (there will be no grace period):

    • Students who do not adhere to the school’s uniform policy will receive uniform withdrawals
    • Ongoing uniform withdrawals will be treated as instances of defiance and will result in students being off the playground, placed on in-school withdrawals or sent home to rectify the issue.
    • Students may also be placed on a uniform mentoring sheet. Uniform mentoring sheets require teachers to check uniform each period and this is then signed by parents at the end of each day.  If during this process students continue to fail to present to school in correct uniform then more serious consequences will be put in place.  

    It is our goal that positive reinforcement of wearing the correct uniform will build the resilience required to achieve small expectations, a quality that is also required in any future career path. We wish you a safe and restful school holiday and appreciate your ongoing support in working with the young people in our care.

    Ms Sonia Diaz

    Pastoral Care Coordinator  

    TERM 3 2024

    WEEK 1 (WEEK B)

    Monday 22 July - Staff Development Day / Pupil Free Day - NO


    Tuesday 23 July - Students Return for term 3

    Wednesday 24 July - Hot Chocolates for sale 8am - Outside G3

    Thursday 25 July - SJE School Musical 'The Pirate Queen' - Doors Open 6.30pm - 7pm Start (TICKETS ON SALE NOW)

    Friday 26 July - SJE School Musical 'The Pirate Queen' - Doors Open 6.30pm - 7pm Start (TICKETS ON SALE NOW)

    Saturday 27 July -SJE School Musical 'The Pirate Queen' - Doors Open 6.30pm - 7pm Start (TICKETS ON SALE NOW)

    WEEK 2 (WEEK A)

    Wednesday 31 July - Hot Chocolates for sale 8am - Outside G3

    Thursday 1 August - School Assembly

    Friday 2 August - NAIDOC Assembly

    Friday 2 August  - Diocesan Athletics

    WEEK 3 (WEEK B)

    Monday 5 August - Year 12 Trial Exams Begin (Continue until Monday 19 August)

    Wednesday 7 August - Hot Chocolates for sale 8am - Outside G3

    Thursday 8 August - Feast of Mary of the Cross MacKillop

    Year 12 student's will be selling Hot Chocolate's on Wednesday mornings from 8am outside G3. All proceeds raised will go to Vinnies Winter Appeal. Please help St John's support this worthy cause and purchase a hot chocolate!


      St John's would like to thank Geoff from Gideon's for distributing a copy of the New Testament to all of our Year 7 Students last week in Religion.



      Last week 2unit Studies of Religion students participated in an excursion to the Illawarra. Students further developed their understanding of Baptism by visiting All Saints Catholic Church in Shellharbour and Holy Cross Orthodox Church in Wollongong. For the 2nd half of the day the students engaged in a HSC writing workshop with students at Corpus Christi Catholic High School.







      Year 10 Work Experience

      As of Monday, 1 July, 164 Year 10 students from  SJE are participating in this exciting program.

      Thank you to all parents and guardians for your support to ensure your child was work ready for this special week. I encourage you to openly chat with your child about his/her experiences in the workforce. It is my hope that students will return to school ready to tackle Semester 2 to achieve their post-secondary goals!

      A special thanks goes to Mel Chewing who assisted with document scanning; and to Alison Bowden who has been instrumental in getting the emails out to employers.

      Look out for next term’s newsletter on Work Experience!

      Day 2 - JohnStaff Shoalhaven Hospital Redevelopment

      Year 10 and 11 students took part in the second session of the 2024 STEM program. The day featured insightful presentations from professionals, including architects, and civil and electrical engineers. 

      These experts provided a detailed overview of potential career pathways and roles in the areas of engineering and construction. The presentations were not only informative but also served as a source of inspiration for the attending students in the many diverse future opportunities this project will offer.

      As part of the day, students participated in fun practical engineering competitions, where SJE and Nowra High students won the construction of the highest tower using marshmallows and spaghetti!

      The site tour also highlighted the extensive progress of the redevelopment since our last visit. The Shoalhaven Hospital Redevelopment will certainly meet the growing population’s needs.

      Students are looking forward to Session 3 in September!

      UOW Early Admission Information Session at SJE

      James Terry, Outreach and Future Students Specialist at UOW provided Year 12 students with crucial information regarding the Early Admission Process. Participants were informed of the key dates and timeline, how the application process works and ideas to include when answering the four short questions. There is a vast range of scholarships available at UOW and students were clearly guided on how to apply for these. Any anxiety around offers was quelched as pathways into courses were outlined and explained to the students in attendance. All in all, it was a very valuable session.

      If you would like any further information, please contact Ms Arenas in the Careers Office in the library.


      Education Careers Workshop; Early Childhood and Teaching 

      The program will take place on the 1st of August at UOW Nowra campus. (09.30-13.30). 

      The applications have now closed and the successful students will be notified as soon as possible.

      On the day there will be a mix of activities and industry guests presenting. We will cover off-pathway information regarding:

      - Early Childhood Qualifications 

      - SLSO roles 

      - Teaching roles (primary and secondary).  

      This information will include opportunities that students can consider whilst at school (SBATs etc) as well as working towards post-school qualifications. 

      Australian Museum Work Experience Program

      Applications Now Open for 2024 Work Experience Program Every day at the Australian Museum is different. Our high school work experience program offers students the chance to explore a variety of careers including science and cultural research, education, public programming, curatorial and exhibition design, marketing, communications and corporate services. All work experience opportunities provide practical learning to consolidate classroom teaching. This will support students' personal development and professional skills as they prepare to enter the workforce and make choices about their careers.

      The program is available for students in Years 10–12 and will be offered during Terms 3 and 4, over four possible weeks: 

      • July 22–26 
      • September 9–13 
      • October 14–18 
      • November 11–15

      Australian Museum Work Experience

      YEAR 11 & 12 UPDATES

      Make study fun: Exercising your body and brain - Study tips


      Please read the article attached to learn more about the positive impact exercising can have on your brain and ability to focus and study.

      Link Here

      Apprenticeships Vs University - Finding out what is right for you


      If you're not sure which path to take to your future career, we've covered some of the benefits of apprenticeships vs university - see which one suits you.

      Read more

      A gap year doesn’t mean a gap in learning


      There are loads ways a gap year can be really beneficial (as well as a lot of fun). Let's take a look.

      Read more

      Year 11 Regional Residential 

      Monday 30 September to Friday 4 October 2024


      You're invited to apply to attend our Year 11 Regional Residential, running this October school holidays from Monday 30 September to Friday 4 October. 

      The Residential is an on-campus immersive experience open to domestic Year 11 students from regional and remote areas with an interest in studying at the University of Sydney. The university will arrange and cover the cost of travel, accommodation, food and all residential experiences.  

      If successful in your application, you will have the opportunity to:  

      • explore our campus
      • meet current students and staff  
      • explore your study options  
      • learn about our entry schemes and pathways
      • experience university life

      Limited places are available, so we encourage you to complete your Expression of Interest with your details and responses to the selection criteria as soon as possible.  

      EOI Link

      EOIs close: Thursday 8 August, 11:59 pm

      UCAT Preparation 

      Please go to the latest JobJump Newsletter posted on Classroom for more information. Workshops and free resources are available for you to access in preparation for this test.

      See Ms Arenas for assistance

      University of Sydney - New Degrees 

      We are excited to advise that many of our new degrees are now available to view on our website and to select for 2025 entry in UAC 

      • Bachelor of Commerce and Bachelor of Arts (4-years, full-time) 
      • Bachelor of Commerce and Bachelor of Science (4-years, full-time) 
      • Bachelor of Economics and Bachelor of Arts (4-years, full-time) 
      • Bachelor of Engineering Honours (Environmental Engineering) (4-years, full-time) 
      • Bachelor of International Studies (3-years, full-time) 
      • Bachelor of Languages (3-years, full-time) 
      • Bachelor of Media and Communications (3-years, full-time) 
      • Bachelor of Politics, Philosophy, and Economics (3-years, full-time) 
      • Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Arts (4-years, full-time)

      Macquarie University Course Updates 

      Please find some important course updates with links to see more information below:

      • Bachelor of Science - The Bachelor of Science has been refreshed including the addition of a major in Marine Science, as well as updates to the Biotechnology and Statistical Data Science majors. 
      • Bachelor of Social Sciences- The Bachelor of Social Science has been renamed the Bachelor of Social Sciences and is designed to build skills across all areas of social sciences through core units. 

      Other course changes: Macquarie University 

      New Bachelor of Education 

      Our new suite of education degrees commence in Session 1, 2025 and replace a number of existing degrees: 

      • The Bachelor of Education (Primary) and Bachelor of Arts and the Bachelor of Education (Primary) and Bachelor of Psychology will both now be replaced with the Bachelor of Education (Primary) 
      • The Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Education (Secondary); the Bachelor of Commerce and Bachelor of Education (Secondary); and the Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Education (Secondary) will now be replaced with the Bachelor of Education (Secondary) 
      • The Bachelor of Teaching (Early Childhood Education) and Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Education (Primary) majoring in Early Childhood Education will be replaced with the Bachelor of Education (Early Childhood and Primary) 
      • The Bachelor of Teaching (Early Childhood Education) will be replaced with the Bachelor of Education (Early Childhood) 

      Year 12 Subject Support Series

      A reminder that these sessions are free for Year 12 students. You will have the opportunity to ask questions and receive tips and strategies directly from the most qualified and experienced HSC markers in NSW. There a number of in-person options available and you can attend as many sessions as you want.

      Dates: 9 to 11 July 2024

      • English Standard
      • English Advanced
      • Mathematics Standard
      • Mathematics Advanced
      • Business Studies

      In-person events, Liverpool campus - 11 July only

      • English Standard & Advanced Common Module
      • HSC Study Hacks

      The in-person sessions run during the school holidays for 2 hours and workbooks are provided.  You must make your own way to the campus.

      Physics intensive (in-person), Wollongong campus

      Date: 12 July 2024

      The Physics intensive will be 4 hours and consists of:

      • 2 hours theory
      • 30 minute lunch break
      • 2 hours practical lab work

      All in-person sessions will not be recorded and attendance is required to receive the workbook and any handouts.

      Full details for each session are below in the FAQ section.

      Register Here

      ACU Guarantee: early offers and student pathway Webinars

      10 July

      Discover ACU’s entry programs and pathways including ACU Guarantee. Learn key dates and how to apply. You’ll also hear from current students about their journey to uni and have the opportunity to ask your own questions. This webinar is for Year 10 to 12 students in NSW, ACT and Queensland only.

      Link Here

      Upcoming UAC Digital Webinars


      All webinars on UAC Digital's YouTube Channel UAC are holding the following webinars:

      • 19 July - Thinking It’s Time for Uni? Learn How to Transition to Study 
      • 24 July - Schools Recommendation Scheme: Unlock Early University Offers Before ATARs are Released 
      • 5 Aug - Making the Leap: Navigating Uni Entry in 2025 for Students Returning to Study 
      • 11 Sept - Year 12 to Uni: Upcoming Deadlines and Application Strategies for Success
      • 16 Oct - From Obstacles to Opportunities: How the Educational Access Scheme Can Help You Enter Uni 
      • 30 Oct - Your Ultimate Guide to Boosting your UAC University Application and Taking Advantage of Early Offers 
      • 13 Nov - Unlocking Opportunities: Pathways to Uni 
      • 17 Dec - How to Review Your UAC Application Following Your ATAR Result 

      Link Here

      Sydney University - Regional and Remote Entry Scheme Webinar


      Don't miss our webinar next Monday 24 June where you can find out everything you need to know about our Regional and Remote Entry Scheme, which offers eligible students admission based on a reduced ATAR, the Vice-Chancellor's Global Mobility Award (valued at up to $5000) and additional support in transitioning to university.

      At this one-hour webinar, we'll cover:

      • eligibility requirements
      • how to apply
      • Scheme benefits
      • FAQs
      • and answer any questions you may have about the scheme.

      There's just one week to go, so register now!

      Register Here

      National Marine Studies Volunteers


      On occasion, we may offer opportunities to the general public, to work with our trained professionals. To register as a volunteer of the University, please complete the SCU Volunteer Registration Form and email to: with a covering letter outlining your specific area of interest. We endeavour to

      respond to all received applications.  

      Further information write to or call National Marine Science Centre T:

      ADFA Trainee Officer


      Our undergraduate programs are tailored to the educational needs of the Australian Defence Force. Officer cadets and midshipmen accepted into the Australian Defence Force Academy (ADFA) program undertake undergraduate degrees alongside their military education and training. They graduate with a bachelor's degree from one of Australia’s top universities, the University of New South Wales. Explore your study options across Arts, Business, Engineering, Information Technology and Science. Choose the degree that’s right for you. All our courses are designed to prepare you to begin a successful career in the Army, Navy or Air Force. 

      Code Your Career with CommBank and Year13!

      Commbank.pngSoftware Engineers or ‘developers’ are the architects of our digital age. They specialise in creating software solutions that innovate, automate, and simulate to power our interconnected world. 

      At CommBank, Software Engineers are the backbone, developing and maintaining crucial systems that ensure a seamless and secure experience for customers. They craft every aspect of the Bank's website and app and the complex systems behind-thescenes to protect customers’ money.

      Experience life as a Software Engineer with the Year13 X CommBank Virtual Work Experience. You’ll get to: 

      • Participate in real workplace activities. 
      • Learn about the daily work of Software Engineers from the CommBank team. Explore the intricacies of writing code, testing, and debugging. 
      • Gain insight into the ever-evolving world of tech. Understand Software Engineering study pathways. 

      Upon completion, you'll receive a certificate to add to your resume, but best of all, you’ll have a real sense of how your future could look and feel as a Software Engineer. 

      Discover the exciting possibilities in Software Engineering by visiting the Year13 X CommBank Virtual Work Experience!

      Link Here

      Early Childhood Teacher Virtual Work Experience


      Discover what it takes to work in early childhood education and embark on a fulfilling career journey with the Department of Education - Victoria & Year13 Virtual Work Experience. 

      Roles within Early Childhood Education Explore the diverse nature of this indemand and growing profession. Learn about the key roles of early childhood teachers and educators and understand the differences between them.

      Study and Training Pathways Understand the various study and training pathways to early childhood education careers. Eligible students who study and work in Victoria benefit from fee-free TAFE for approved VET courses and up to $25,000 of financial support for approved university courses. 

      Activities Interactive tasks deepen your understanding of the essential skills and responsibilities of early childhood teachers and educators, and help you recognise if a career in early childhood education could be for you

      Link Here

      Macquarie Leaders and Achievers Early Entry Scheme


      Applications open 3 June 

      Year 12 students can be awarded with an early entry offer to Macquarie Uni for demonstrating initiative and commitment in years 11 and 12. 

      Link Here

      UNE Early Entry key dates have changed from last year and the closing date for student applications is now Monday 22 July. 


      • Friday 1 March  — Early Entry applications OPEN
      • Monday 22 July — Early Entry applications close for students
      • Monday 5 August — Your School Assessments of students are due
      • Monday 2 September — Early Entry offer letters released for students

      Our Early Entry program has helped thousands of students secure an early guarantee of a university place based on their School’s recommendation rather than an ATAR. UNE courses can be studied online or on campus, part time or full time.

      Apply for Early Entry:

      1. Go to to guarantee your placement
      2. Take note of the dates above and apply in time

      If you have any questions see Ms Arenas in Careers or call UNE  Future Students Team online or call 1800 818 865.

      Universities Admissions Centre (UAC) Undergraduate Applications 2024-25


      Students planning on applying to MOST universities in NSW and the ACT can apply through the UAC website

      Key information:

      • Applications will cost $80 before 30th of September and $215 after this date
      • It is recommended that you watch the videos on the link above and read the Steps to Uni for Year 11 and 12 Students UAC Guide (2025 version available soon) before applying

      • You will need your Unique Student Identifier, NESA student number and UAC PIN to apply. UAC PINS were emailed to students on your school email address on April 3, 2024. If you did not receive a UAC PIN, call UAC on 1300 275 822 or 9752 0200 from mobiles. SJE does not have access to your UAC PIN.

      • Students can select up to 5 courses.

      • Put your courses in order of preference i.e. the course you want to do most is your first preference.

      • You can also apply direct to some universities - increase your potential offers by selecting different courses for your UAC application and any direct applications universities that you make.

      • Once you’ve applied, you can change the order of your preferences - or even the courses you’ve selected as often as you like before the closing dates for each offer round, so don’t panic about your initial selections.

      After completing the UAC undergraduate application, you can apply for the Schools Recommendation and/or Education Access Schemes and Equity Scholarships:

      Schools Recommendation Scheme (SRS) ‘Early Entry’ - one way institutions make early offers of undergraduate admission to Year 12 students. They do this by using criteria other than (or in addition to) the ATAR. UAC applications for most SRS programs are open now and close on 16 September.

      Note: Not all universities offer SRS entry. Each institution will have specific SRS criteria details, including any exceptions. If you don’t receive an offer in your preferred course through the SRS scheme, you can apply again for this course in the normal offer rounds once the ATARs are released. 

      Education Access Scheme (EAS) for students whose education has been negatively affected for a period of at least six months as a result of circumstances beyond their control or choosing during Year 11 and/or Year 12 (or equivalent.

      Equity Scholarships are awarded to students from low socio-economic backgrounds

      Early Offer Schemes for Year 12 Students

      While the ATAR is still the main selection tool used by most universities, there are other ways for you to show that you’re ready to succeed at tertiary study.

      Many institutions have one or more early offer schemes for Year 12 students. Through these schemes, the institutions will assess you using criteria other than (or in addition to) your  ATAR. Always check the institution websites to make sure the courses you are applying for a covered by the schemes.

      Visit UAC for an overview of early offer schemes and key dates for specific programs.

      Please see Ms Arenas if you require any assistance with UAC applications.

      Western Sydney University, Free HSC support

      Students in their senior years can find a wealth of resources and information, including free HSC study sessions, on the Western Year 12 Student Info Hub. Made for senior high school students, this hub contains all the information you need to get started on your journey to university. Program information, upcoming events, how uni works – it’s all here in one convenient place. We’ve got you covered.

      Go to Link

      NEW! Tertiary Health Study Subsidies

      The Tertiary Health Study Subsidy Program will support 12,000 students from 2024. The subsidies incentivise students to enter the NSW Health workforce by reducing financial barriers to study.

      The payments can assist students with fees, technology, travel, or other associated personal costs.

      What subsidies are available?

      NSW Health offers two subsidies:

      1. $12,000 subsidy paid over three years to students commencing study, and intending to work for NSW Health upon completion.
      2. $8,000 one-off subsidy paid to students graduating study with employment in NSW Health.

      Each subsidy will see 2,000 students awarded annually for the next three years.

      Find out more:

      Health Subsidies Link

      Western University Webinars

      View and register for 2024 webinars. Watch our webinars covering a range of individual study areas.Want to know more about careers and degrees in the fields of most interest to you? Not sure what subjects to select for your senior years? Let us support you to make informed decisions and discover more about why you should study at Western. 

      Head to: Link or the Careers Classroom for more information


      Shoalhaven Education Fund 

      Tertiary institutions, apprenticeships, traineeships, cadetships, TAFE, all qualify for this scholarship.

      Applications open: 1 July 2024

      Applications close: 11 October 2024

      Partnering with the community to achieve success.... The SEF provides grants

      to give young people a helping hand in making the transition to further education,

      training or their chosen vocation, a successful one.

      See Ms Arenas for more information.

      Link Here

      UOW Country to Coast Scholarships


      Early Admission offer holders who live in selected regional or remote regions of NSW (like yours!) will be eligible for a Country to Coast Scholarship worth $5,000 when they enrol in Autumn Session 2025.

      This scholarship is stackable which means that if you receive a Country to Coast Scholarship, you 

      may also be eligible for a UOW Equity Scholarship or the Australian Government Tertiary Access Payment (TAP).

      Go to the link below to learn more about 2025 Country to Coast Scholarships.

      Link Here

      Destination Australia Scholarships


      Destination Australia Scholarships are funded by the Commonwealth Government, and are designed to attract and support students who choose to live and study in regional communities. Each Scholarship provides $15,000\* per student per year of course enrolment to support costs for living and studying in regional Australia. Scholarships are provided for specific courses and locations only, as shown below, and require full time class attendance for a minimum of 20 hours per week. 

      Link Here


      The Wollongong Catholic Diocese is once again offering $20,000 to support Year 12 students seeking to pursue a career in teaching in 2025. The information session provided students with all the facts required to make informed decisions about their future careers in education.

      For further information and eligibility criteria see Ms Arenas or go to CEDoW website



      Fee free apprenticeships are a great way for students to launch their careers


      There’s never been a better time to start an apprenticeship in NSW. The NSW Government is paying the course cost for 100,000 new apprenticeships – meaning apprentices undertaking a government funded apprenticeship no longer face a student fee of up to $2000. Apprenticeships are a great career path-way. They combine on-the-job training with classroom study to give you the skills and experience employers are looking for. Apprenticeships generally take around 3-4 years to complete, and apprentices earn a salary while they learn. There are more than 120 different apprenticeship courses available in NSW, in a range of industries including construction, cooking, aviation and automotive.

      Link Here

      Supporting You Every Step of the Way with TAFE NSW

      Get the help you need to succeed

      The TAFE NSW Counselling and Career Development Service is free and confidential* and is designed to help you succeed in your studies at TAFE NSW, as well as in your chosen career.

      Prospective TAFE NSW students are able to access the service to assist with course choice decisions and career planning.

      Students enrolled with TAFE NSW are able to access a range of services to assist in career development and personal support.

      I Am Finishing School This Year Info Page

      Whatever you're interested in, TAFE NSW has a pathway to get you there.

      With hundreds of courses to choose from, including degrees, we can help you find your passion.

      TAFE NSW Degrees and Undergrad Certificates

      You don't need an ATAR to study a degree with TAFE NSW, but you will graduate with a qualification that will change your future.

      Study a Bachelor degree, post graduate or higher education qualification with TAFE NSW, and graduate with strong theoretical knowledge, practical experience and industry connections that will give you a head start on your career.

      TAFE-delivered Vocational Education and Training (TVET) courses help students build practical skills and industry-specific knowledge, and count toward school outcomes, with some courses contributing towards an Australian Tertiary Admission Rank (ATAR).

      TAFE NSW TVET Guide 2024

      Take the quiz to see if you may be eligible to commence an application to the NSW Police Force. ‘Aquatic Rescue Sequence’ certification: Applicants are required to provide certification of successful completion of the Aquatic Rescue Sequence. First Aid certification: Applicants are required to supply certification of completion of an approved ‘Apply First Aid’ course with at least 12 months currency remaining on certification. Typing certificate. Applicants are required to supply a recognized certificate of typing proficiency equivalent or greater than 25 words per minute at 98 percent accuracy.


      ACFA Cabinet Making Apprenticeships

      ACFA is a Registered Training Organisation delivering MSF31113 Certificate III in Cabinet Making (RTO 90432). Their Workplace-Based Training Model brings a unique one-on-one experience plus the flexibility to be enrolled as a new apprentice all year round.

      Link here

      Pelican Pre-School -  Traineeship Vacancy

      If you are interested in child care and want to know more about this opportunity, contact Ms Arenas in the Careers office.

      Expression of Interest for Electrical Apprenticeships

      The apprenticeship lasts for a total of 4 years. For the first three years, you will be required to work four days on site to gather on-the-job experience, and one day undertaking technical studies. The fourth year will consist of only on-the-job training.

      Link here

      Job Hunting Tips

      Finding an Apprenticeship Searching and applying for an Australian Apprenticeship is very much like hunting for any job. An employer has to create a vacancy and decide to use Australian Apprenticeships as a way to employ and train their staff. The following steps will explain the process to get an Australian Apprenticeship from the preparation stage, to the time you begin your training

      Automotive Apprenticeships - Vacancies

      The automotive industry has changed substantially through the last decade to become a respected and financially secure career path. Any student that enjoys problem solving and working with their hands will thrive in automotive and has the opportunity to be a part of transformative change we haven't seen since vehicles replaced the horse and cart.

      Link here

      Do you aspire to be a builder?

      Register your interest for the course starting 27 November Want to be a carpenter? This is your best first step. Master Builders will help prepare you to become the best 1st-year carpentry apprentice.  This 3-week entry level training program provides an introduction into both the industry and a carpentry trade prior to commencing an apprenticeship.

      Pre-apprenticeship Builder

      Do you aspire to become a brickie?

      Offer you the opportunity to study and earn an income while undertaking a qualification. It gives you the chance to learn new skills while getting paid. It can be done full-time or while you are at school through a School Based Apprenticeship. You can use your qualification to work anywhere in Australia and around the world. 

      Brickies Apprenticeships

      Transport for NSW Apprenticeships and Traineeships

      Transport for NSW currently have a number of Apprenticeship and Traineeships open for 2024 in both metro and regional areas. Currently on offer are:

      •       Business Traineeships
      •       Bridge Construction Apprenticeship
      •       Heavy Diesel Mechanic Apprenticeship
      •       Project Management Traineeships
      •       Electrical Apprenticeship
      •       Civil Construction Apprenticeship
      •       Painting and Blasting Traineeship

      A number of trainee roles are also available

      Handy link for a range of job opportunities: Jobs Transport NSW


      Surah Korean BBQ, Nowra

      Work position: Floor staff and/or Kitchen hand

      Work days:

      Wednesday to Sunday from 4:30pm or 5pm (End of shift time depends on how busy it gets. Usually between 7:30pm and 9:30pm) 

      Contact details: 0413722627

      Address: 1/4 Nowra lane, Nowra (Near Nowra Mall/Coles)

      Can send resume through email:

      or drop it off at the shop

      Tourism Local Navigator Pilot

      If you are interested in a paid work trial or casual work in the hospitality and tourism sector, please send a resume, a short spiel about yourself and their disability and any wage subsidy information. Once the applicants have been collated and reviewed by the tourism business, you will be contacted regarding a time and date for the participant meet and greet. 

      Please send any questions / concerns to:  Isabelle Gadaleta 


      Council Jobs!

      Local Government NSW offers hundreds of jobs and diverse career paths. Across professional, administrative, trade and outdoor roles. Learn more about the type of work, qualifications required and the jobs available now in over 100 councils across NSW & others interstate


      At Woolworths Group, we create better experiences together for a better tomorrow. Our diverse group of retail businesses are some of Australia's most recognised and trusted brands, and our team are at the heart of everything we do.

      Apply here

      Ms Marcia Arenas
      Careers Coordinator

      St John’s has a strong sporting culture and provides many representative sporting opportunities for students.

      The Representative Sport Google Classroom is a platform where students can access information on Representative Sport. This digital notice board provides important information such as the registration to trial, trial dates, important dates and expectations.

      Students must be a member of the Representative Sport Google Classroom to access the google forms.


      Our School Athletics Carnival finally took place on Wednesday 19th June and was held at Kiama Sports Ground. Despite being competitors only it was a resounding success, showcasing remarkable talent, teamwork, and sportsmanship. The carnival saw participation from students across all age groups, competing in various track and field events. The day was only a success due to our amazing team of teachers and student leaders who stepped up and went above and beyond to ensure the day ran smoothly. All students who participated should also be acknowledged for their behaviour and commitment to represent our school with pride.


      12 years - Caitlin Short and Tyson Struber
      13 years- Brooklyn Horwood and Roy Lucas
      14 years- Elizabeth Davis and Dean Austin
      15 years- Lily Sproule and Hugh Duff
      16 years- Natarsha Mandavy and William Tan
      17 years- Bella Lord and Thomas Brookes
      18 years - Nakita Boatswain and Ty Schott

      Special mention and congratulations to our school record breakers, Lily Sproule for the 1500m, Jasmine Wheeler in Long Jump and Nakita Boatswain breaking the record for Javelin.


      On Wednesday 5th June the U14 Boys Rugby League team headed to Ulladulla Sporting Complex for the Finals component of the Steelers Shield competition after winning the Shoalhaven region variant. With the opportunity to win their first trophy for the year, the boys were determined to start fast against first opponents, Albion Park High School. Strong defence from St John’s right side edge pairing of Taj Goddard and Hudson Avery provided SJE with possession in attacking territory early on. SJE were able to capitalise posting first points when Noah Jamieson played short to Hudson Avery executing a rehearsed 50 shape movement. Logan Juric added the extra two points making it 6-0 in as many minutes. Our get out set yet again proved to be advantageous in gaining field positon, with a line break on tackle two providing just this. With a retreating defensive line, Noah Jamieson began the needed ball shift which saw Torr Morley providing Logan Juric with space to score SJE’s second try. Late footwork by Centre Cooper Green on some opposition middle forwards on play three at the back end of the second half resulted in a clean line break. Cooper had too much speed of the Albion Park High Fullback burning him with ease bringing the score to 14-0.

      Try Scorers: Hudson Avery, Logan Juric, Cooper Green

      Goals: Logan Juric 1/3 

      Game two of the pool phase saw St John’s go up against Mulwaree High School. The opening of the game witnessed a physical encounter between each team's middle forwards with both sides controlling the ruck. A kick return from winger Dean Austin who broke the line and ran 80 metres to score was the event needed to spur a roll on from St John’s. SJE accumulated 42 unanswered points with additional tries scored by Logan Juric, Jake Swan, Noah Jamieson, Nate Shalala and Matthew Reid. 

      Try Scorers: Dean Austin, Logan Juric, Jake Swan (2), Noah Jamieson, Nate Shalala, Matthew Reid

      Goals: Logan Juric 7/7 

      These two wins meant St John’s were the winners of Pool A and would take on the Winners of Pool B Edmund Rice for a chance to win the Steelers Shield. With Logan Juric going down in the warm up and the mystery of the missing mouth guard Mr E was one nervous coach however these nerves were short lived. Edmund Rice gained first possession from the kick off, a formidable SJE defence forced the error within the opposition 30. Maintaining composure the boys completed their set in possession perfectly executing a reverse lead sweep around the ruck which saw Noah Jamieson playing short to Jake Swan breaking the line and beating the Fullback to score under the posts. After a cycle of a set each St John’s gained possession and executed a perfect team try in the instance of a 70 shape backline movement which saw Cooper Green find space on the edge and utilised the support play from Luke Keating to draw the Edmund Rice Fullback. SJE’s structure and rehearsed sets proved too strong for Edmund Rice with the final score culminating to a 28-6 victory in a 24 minute match. Additional tries came from Cooper Green, Torr Morley and Matthew Reid. The now Steelers Shield winners progress to play the top CCC teams in the state through the Cochrane Cup competition with their first matches on Tuesday, July 30th at the NSWRL COE, Canberra. 

      Try Scorers: Jake Swan, Luke Keating, Cooper Green, Torr Morley, Matthew Reid

      Goals: Torr Morley 4/5



      The Diocesan Hockey Gala Day was held last Monday, June 24 at Narellan Hockey Fields. It was an early start for the team, leaving the bus bay at 6am. 

      The girls were first up with a game against St Joseph’s, who had a lot of strong and experienced hockey players. We went down in this game, but saw an outstanding performance by Nadia Thompson as goalkeeper. This St Joseph’s team also went on to win the whole day. Next up were games against Magdalene and St Benedict’s who also were very strong. We lost both matches however the girls continued to improve and show progress with each game. Abigail Doyle in Year 7 had an amazing performance in defence, and had some excellent tackles and passes to get the ball moving up the field. Charlie Norman and Leilani Bagley also had a strong presence in the midfield, where they were able to transfer their knowledge in other sports onto the hockey field. Our final game was against Mount Carmel. This was a really enjoyable match, with the girls having good chances in attack. Hannah Phillips really came out of her shell in this game and dominated the attacking mid position. Notable performances were also had by our other goalkeepers on the day - Gabby Kidd and Aurora Boatswain. 

      Well done to all girls in the team and a big thank you to Noah Sheehan of Year 9 for doing our umpire commitments on the day.

      Mrs Jennings 


      The open boys hockey team started their campaign against a formidable Edmund Rice team, unfortunately going down in this match. Player of the match for our opener was Noah Gordon, who was putting his body on the line in goal to make some cracking saves. In our second match, the boys began to gel and we looked promising in attack with some great play between Louis Hood, Matt Page and Jackson Hill. You would think these boys are seasoned hockey players by their clinical attacking plays. This resulted in a win against our closest rivals Corpus Christi. Our goalkeeper, Nate ‘brickwall’ Rees helped secure this win with a heroic late match winning save to keep a clean sheet. Our final pool match was against a strong St Joseph's team. A cracking goal by our veteran hockey player Thomas Brookes got the boys off to an early win and a potential place in the semi final playoffs. Unfortunately, St Josephs were able to equalise and the match was fairly even for the most part, but we conceded a couple of late goals to go down 3-1. Our experienced players in Lachy Bisat, Campbell Hooke and Thomas Brookes were standouts in this game. Our final match was against St Benedicts and was for 5th place in the Diocese. It was an end to end match, with both teams having a lot of opportunities to secure the win, a late equaliser by Rory Bain resulted in a draw and an equal 5th place finish for the day. 

      Thanks to all the boys who represented St John’s in such a positive manner on the day. It was a big day, but the awesome group we took away made it very enjoyable! 

      Mr Stephenson 


      Any questions please email Sports Coordinator

      Mrs E Gray


      Dear Year 7 Parents and Guardians,

      It has been a busy and exciting few weeks for our Year 7 students, filled with activities and achievements that we are proud to share with you.


      Recently, our Year 7 students participated in the Athletics Competitors Only Carnival. It was a fantastic day where our young athletes showcased their talents and sportsmanship. The enthusiasm and effort put forth by all competitors were truly commendable. Congratulations to all participants for their dedication and hard work!

      G'DAY MASS

      Last week, we had the privilege of celebrating G’Day Mass, a special occasion dedicated to honouring Guardians, Godparents, and Grandparents. It was heartwarming to see so many of you join us for this meaningful event. The Mass was followed by a delightful morning tea, where we had the opportunity to come together and appreciate the invaluable support and love you provide to our students. Thank you to everyone who attended and contributed to making this day memorable.



      As you may be aware, the end-of-term reports have been released. These reports are a reflection of your child's progress and achievements over the past term. We encourage you to review them with your child and celebrate their successes.

      If you have any questions or concerns regarding the report, please do not hesitate to contact your child's teacher directly or the Key Learning Area Coordinator. Please phone the school office and ask to speak with the teacher or KLA Coordinator directly. We are here to support your child's learning journey and address any queries you may have.


      This is just a reminder that it is essential for parents and guardians to be aware of the potential dangers associated with social media platforms. Please monitor your child's online activity closely, and remember that sharing videos or images of other students without consent can have serious consequences, including suspension. Additionally, there could be criminal consequences. It's worth noting that the legal age for using certain social media platforms is in place for a reason, and we encourage you to consider this when discussing online safety with your children. The legal age to use Snapchat is 13.  

      I encourage all parents to access the following website that can offer further information and supports:



      It is essential for our Year 7 students to utilise their diaries effectively. Encourage your child to write in their diaries daily, noting down homework assignments, upcoming assessments, and any other important reminders. Additionally, we kindly request that parents or caregivers take a moment each week to sign their child's diary. This simple act fosters communication between home and school and ensures that everyone is aware of the tasks and activities ahead.



      As we foster a positive and inclusive school environment, it is essential for our students to understand the importance of respect in all aspects of their interactions. We encourage everyone to be mindful of personal space, to use kind and appropriate language, and to ensure that all physical interactions are respectful and consensual. By practising these principles, we can create a safe and supportive community where every student feels valued and respected.

      Thank you for your continued support and involvement in our school community. We look forward to more exciting events and achievements in the coming term.

      'With Jesus we can reach the highest of heights.’

      Warm regards,

      Mrs Abbey Simis

      Year 7 Coordinator



      Thank you to all the parents and carers who attended the recent subject selection evening. Your engagement is essential for your child's success and wellbeing at school. We were delighted by the strong turnout, which promises great things for our year group's future.


      • The subject selection information booklet has been sent out to Year 8 students and their families. 
      • On-line Elective Requests have now closed (closed Thursday 4th July 2024).
      • A reminder that Students are to print completed subject selection form with parent signature and return to PALS teachers by Friday 26 July 2024. 
      • Students will be advised of their electives for Stage 5 studies (2024-2025) in Term 4.

      Here is a recap of the pastoral and learning support information shared with parents and carers during the subject selection evening:


      Managing Social Media: To help support your child with social media use, the eSafety website offers valuable resources, including videos, tips, and advice. These materials can help both parents and young people stay safe online. 


      Video Resource: The "Digital Technologies and Mental Health" clip explains how to support a young person's mental wellbeing while using social media and apps, targeting parents and carers of young people aged 10 to 18 years old. Link: Digital Technologies and Mental Health.  




      Impact of Low Attendance: Regular attendance is essential for student success. Even seemingly minor absences can add up significantly over time. There is a direct link between low attendance and poorer academic performance, mental health, and social functioning. Research indicates that students with an attendance rate below 90% are at risk. The St John’s attendance process is designed to actively support and improve student attendance.

      The following article from ReachOut addresses the issue of school refusal and teenagers. It includes signs and strategies to support young people and parents who may be experiencing school refusal. Reachout Article: School refusal and your teen 




      • Study Environment:  A dedicated, quiet, and well-lit study space at home can significantly improve your child's organisational habits. This space should be free from distractions (e.g., phones) and ideally in a visible area for parental supervision. See for more information and guidance in this area. 
      • Use of School Diary:  Consistently using the school diary to record homework, assessments, and important dates can help students manage their time effectively. Writing checklists and to-do lists in the diary can also be very helpful.

      • Daily Routine:  Establishing a consistent daily routine with set times for homework, study, and relaxation can aid in organisation. A regular bedtime and wake-up time ensure students get enough rest and are ready for school each day.



      The phone policy supports our core values of "excellence in learning" and "peaceful and just relationships."

      Students should not use mobile phones during school hours. If they need to contact a parent or carer, they must go to the front office.

      Consequences for Misuse:

      • 1st Offence:  Phone taken to the office and returned at the end of the day.
      • 2nd Offence: Phone taken, student attends a lunch withdrawal, then the phone is returned.
      • 3rd Offence: In-school withdrawal, email home, phone returned.
      • 4th Offence: Monitoring process implemented, in-school withdrawal, no phone at school or logged in/out of the office daily for a predetermined period (4 weeks).

      Students are also reminded that no photo or video footage should be taken on school grounds or shared on social media, including before or after the bell and of students in their school uniforms.

      The use of the mobile phone at school also extends to iMessage and other chat based applications on student laptops. It is vital that students follow these school expectations to ensure that they are striving for excellence in their learning and also finding a balance to instil peaceful relationships with their peers and classroom teachers. 

      YEAR 8 SRC

      A big thank you and congratulations to our Year 8 SRC students who have been successful in researching and planning for ways to better our school. Next term the SRC team will be collaborating with Ms Dias’ Year 9 Short Course class to plan for new seating to be put around the school.



      For more information or support about any of the above information or processes, please reach out to the relevant contacts.

      Year 8 Coordinator: Ms. Jennings

      Pastoral Care Coordinator: Ms. Diaz

      Curriculum Coordinator: Ms. Murphy

      Subject-Specific Queries: Class teacher or KLA Coordinator

      General Concerns: PALS teacher

      'Let your light shine. '

      Mrs Kate Jennings

      Year 8 Coordinator 



      On Tuesday 25 June nearly 50 students from year 7-12 made the trip to Campbelltown for the MISA Dance Festival. The girls performed a 7 minute dance work, which was combined of lyrical, contemporary, jazz and hip hop. They were absolutely amazing, and so were the other 12 schools from Sydney. We were so grateful to be invited to this wonderful day and I am so proud of the girls for not only their performance, but their behaviour and commitment every rehearsal.
      Miss Lloyd 



      What an amazing experience for our HSC dance students and their composition dancers. We were so privileged that Sydney Dance Company came to our school this week to run a workshop, rehearsal director Richard and company dancer Anika. The girls learnt phrases from SDC's latest work 'Momento', currently on tour, did a Q & A with the dancers and engaged in an improvisation task. The girls were challenged and so lucky to have this one-on-one opportunity with professional dancers in the industry. 

      Dance Teacher
      Ms Savannah Lloyd 


      This term, the Art department has seen a surge of creativity and productivity from students. The newly renovated art rooms have provided an inspiring space for students to work on their projects. Among the notable works are intricate clay busts and impressive plaster sculptures. Students have been honing their skills and exploring new techniques with enthusiasm. The vibrant atmosphere in the art rooms reflects the dedication and passion of both the students and their instructors.

      YEAR 7 & YEAR 8

      Year 7 and Year 8 Visual Art students have been very creative this semester. Year 7 designed and constructed animal sculptures and drawings with a focus on Australian culture and the Elements of Design.  Year 8 studied portraiture in depth and created realistic graphite drawings and symbolic ceramic sculptures.  
      Well done to both Year 7 and Year 8!

      YEAR 7

      YEAR 8

      Art Teachers

      Ms Maria Smiriglia and Ms Natalie Hayes


      On Tuesday the 18th of June, Year 9,10, 11 and 12 Drama Students travelled to The Wharf Theatre Company in Sydney, to watch the renowned theatre production by Jane Harrison, titled “Stolen”.

      The play explored themes of loss and cultural identity experienced by Aboriginal people during the times of The Stolen Generation. It was a very eye-opening and emotional experience following the lives of 5 Indigenous children of The Stolen Generations. It shifted our perspectives by connecting the audience in the storytelling and using lighting, props and staging to symbolise the different stories being presented.

      Sanuthi - Year 10 Drama

      The excursion to the wharf theatre was an amazing and thought provoking experience. The play was inspiring to all of us and told lots of harrowing yet insightful tales.

      Oscar - Year 10 Drama

      Stolen, written by Australian Playwright Jane Harrison, tells the story of five Indigenous children who were forcibly taken from their homes as young children and spent their childhood in an oppressive children's home. Their experiences, all bundled up into a small suitcase, change the course of their lives forever. Director Ian Micheal’s portrayals of Sandy, Anne, Shirley, Jimmy and Ruby are harrowing, yet there is an element of delicacy that boldly shines through each character and every one of their stories. The production uses small, but powerful props that represent something larger than what is shown on stage, such as Ruby’s dolls, representing any innocence that she has left, or Sandy's bag, representing that everything he has left is in that one tiny bag, and Jimmy’s red socks, representing the last connection he has to his mother. Stolen accurately illustrates the unjust political system that sought out to erase Indigenous culture in Australia forever. It is a hauntingly beautiful performance that is embedded as one of the most important productions in Australian theatre forever.

      Steffi - Year 11 Drama

      Mr Mark Burian

      CAPA Coordinator


      On Tuesday 25 June, Mr Gould's Year 12 and Mr Gibson's Year 11 classes worked together to complete the School Based Project, VET Construction Concreting Task. The Project Brief was to improve student access to the School's Basketball Courts, whilst specifically addressing the need for wheelchair appropriate access. 

      Students learnt fundamental concreting skills including: Site Preparation and  Concrete Pouring, Screeding, Floating, Brooming and Edging

      VET AWARDS 2024

      On Thursday 27th June, “Shoalhaven Workplace Learning” once again held their annual Shoalhaven- Excellence in VET Awards, which honours the hard work and dedication that ALL students across the Shoalhaven put into their VET courses and Work Placements.

      This year these award ceremonies were held at Nowra Golf Club and once again St John's students were well represented across all frameworks delivered. The students attended the formal luncheon with the support of their friends, families and their VET teachers, Mrs Chittick, Mr Lopez, Mr Gould  and Mr Gibson. 

      I would like to extend our congratulations to the following Year 12 students who were nominated and/or achieved success in the following awards on the basis of outstanding application to all areas of their course, specifically their WorkPlacement: 

      • Nakita Boatswain- Hospitality 

      • Matt Page- Hospitality

      • Amber Dibben- Fitness

      • Joseph Bailey- Construction


      A special mention and acknowledgement needs to go out to Joseph Bailey and Amber Dibben who successfully achieved outright "VET Student of the Year" in their given framework: 






      Last Friday 28 June, a very special evening was held which honoured the achievements and efforts given by all VET students, apprentices and trainers across not just the Shoalhaven but the whole of the NSW Illawarra/South East Region - ranging from the border through to Wollongong and as far inland as the Snowys.

      This Awards ceremony specifically recognised the finalists of the:

      NSW VET Training Awards- Illawarra South East of which Mrs Cath Chittick from St John's was shortlisted to 1 of only 3 finalists across this entire region.

      The competition was extremely competitive and although she unfortunately did not take out her individual category, it was in fact extremely close and she did herself, her family and all of us very proud.

      Congratulations on this awesome achievement!


      Mr Brendan Gibson

      TAS Teacher/VET Coordinator


      On Wednesday 26 June, Megan Balanag-Dayusan represented St Johns at the Bicentenary of the NSW Legislative Council Public Speaking Competition held in Batemans Bay, Megan delivered an impressive 6 minute speech on the theme  "Actions Speak Louder Than Words". She joined students from eight schools in the region.The judging panel consisted of the President and Deputy of the NSW Legislative Council Honourable Ben Franklin MLC and Honourable Rod Roberts MLC as well as Dr Michael Holland MP Member for Bega Well done, Megan on your outstanding speech and developing your public speaking skills.

      Congratulations goes to the winner, Mark, representing Lumen Christi Catholic College, Pambula Beach. 

      Extract from speech “Do actions speak louder than words?”

      “Furthermore, I would like to discuss my own answer to this question, to which I have none. I ask of you to recall a moment in time, one embedded in sweetness or bitterness, tears of joy or sadness and I wonder: Can remember the words that were spoken or what was done? Maya Angelou once said “You may not remember what a person said to you, you may not remember what a person did to you, but you will never forget how a person made you feel.” 

      This is no contradiction to my previous points but a consideration towards the outer side of the instantaneous thoughts we might consider when proposed with this question. Perhaps the loudest thing that we can hear is our own true opinion or feeling. Whether we first hear the words or see the actions, our own thoughts are what is left from it. Our own utterly, unique, spontaneous opinion.  Something that I believe… makes us what we are…. and perhaps you did remember the actions or words but, you first had to remember the feeling.”



      On Wednesday 26th June students year 10,11 & 12 students studying Aboriginal Studies travelled to Sydney to experience Aboriginal performance and to gain an understanding of Aboriginal History in NSW. At Sydney Museum the Coomaditchie: The Art of Place exhibition showcased art from the Illawarra Community and showcased local land rights movement. This was a standout among a range of impressive works. 

      The group also attended the Opera House to watch Act 2 of Bangarra’s Horizon performance. This was an outstanding performance which is Bangarra’s first cross cultural performance featuring elements of Torres Strait Islander and Maori music, song, dance and knowledge. 

      Georgia Preston (Year 11)

      I really loved the traditional Bangarra dance because it was showing the culture of the people performing and I thought the Sydney Museum was really good because it was showing the really great history not just from our area but from the north and south areas.

      Kayen Bannon-Harrison (Year 11)

      Really enjoyed the day in Sydney at Bangarra, had a great day going to Spirit Gallery and getting a new Yidaki bag. Enjoyed the Horizon performance by Bangarra, and being with others when getting their first Yidaki was special. The yarns with everyone were great. 

      Olivia Oke (Year 12)

      The Aboriginal Studies Sydney trip was so much fun. I loved watching Bangarra dance theatre perform at the Sydney Opera house. The dancers are so talented. Using their talents to tell educational and special cultural stories is amazing. I am so incredibly grateful for the opportunity given to watch them perform for the 2nd time. Going to the Sydney Museum was so lovely, the artworks were so amazing to look at and learn about. The atmosphere at the museum was also very relaxing.



      On Thursday 27 June, Year 10 Marine Studies students travelled to Jervis Bay Mussels to take a tour of the Aquaculture processing facility in Huskisson. Students learnt how mussels are grown and packaged in the Shoalhaven. Big thanks to Scott Walter and his team for hosting St Johns Marine Studies. 

      Year 12 student's are selling Hot Chocolate's on Wednesday mornings from 8am outside G3. All proceeds raised will go to Vinnies Winter Appeal.
      St John's students have been enjoying a hot chocolate while supporting this worthy cause!



      Nic McGill was interviewed by Win News as the new Oceania Steeplechase U18 Champion. Use the below link to view the interview with Win News reporter Jack Mahony.



      In Week 1 next term St John's will be presenting the musical production of 'The Pirate Queen'! Get your tickets now to avoid missing out!


      Ahoy, maties! Avast, ye! Stop what you’re doing and come and see The Pirate Queen. Join us for a smashing musical following the exploits of Grace O’Malley (the OG Pirate Queen), set in Ireland on the sea.
      What will our Pirate crew get up to? Will they conquer the open seas? Will they conquer you? There may even be a visit from a Royal Queen. Music, dancing and swashbuckling too. Shiver me timbers! We could even spot a Leprechaun or two!


      Thursday 25 July @ 7pm
      Friday 26 July @ 7pm
      Saturday 27 @ 7pm.
      Doors will open at 6.30pm for a 7pm start.


      Tickets can be purchased by scanning the QR Code or on the school website. They can also be purchased at the school office or by using the link below.





      Yr 9 Music have completed a unit on British Pop/Rock which we ended the term in a 'Battle of the Bands' competition. Each group had to learn a song for a British Pop/Rock Artist. The winning group performed 'Careless Whisper' - Luke West, Xavier Brooks, Cooper Hambly and Eden Singleton. Well done to all students!



      Tuition is available at the school for flute, clarinet and saxophone.

      Tuition is also available for vocal, drum, guitar and piano.

      Forms available on the school website or from the student foyer.

      Mrs Abbey Simis/Mr Michael Christie


      The St John's community are supporting the Vinnies Winter appeal through the donation of various items that will be packaged up by students. These will then be distributed to those in our local region experiencing homelessness or financial stress. Year 7 and 8 will focus on items used to create snack bags. Year 9 and 10 will focus on toiletries and sanitary items.  Years 11 and 12 will support the appeal with warm items such as socks, scarves and beanies.
      All items can be left at the student foyer. We appreciate your help in supporting this worthy endeavor.
      Mrs Vanessa Kidson
      Vinnies Coordinator


      I would like to wish everyone a safe and wonderful holiday.

      We all need a well-deserved rest. 

      Term two has been extremely busy, with the ANZAC Day whole school Assembly and the Anzac School Awards Competition being judged in mid-August.    

      Thank you to McKenzie Smith and Jordan Griffith Cadets for helping Mrs Lawrence develop the PowerPoint. We were able to play the PowerPoint to the whole school at our Assembly on Thursday. 

      This term, we have had all our Year Group parties. 

      YEAR 8, 9 & 10 DEFENCE PARTY

      YEAR 11 & 12 DEFENCE PARTY


      The Nowra Veteran Wellbeing Centre cooking with a Navy Chef

      Tuesday 9th Primary School Aged – Thursday 18th High School aged. 

      REGISTER:  learn-to-cook-in-the-school-holidays  

      Each class is limited to 10 children. Children must be accompanied by an adult for the duration of the session. An event supported by Nowra RSL Sub-Branch, Shoalhaven Defence Families - Kookaburra Retreat and the Nowra Veteran Wellbeing Centre (RSL LifeCare Veteran Services). Note: This course is being offered only to school-aged children of current or former serving ADF members.


      Mrs Julie Lawrence

      Defence School Mentor





      Our school canteen is run by a full time Supervisor and a part time assistant. They always need volunteers to help. At least two volunteers are needed every day to man the canteen. 

      TERM 3

      We are currently organising our canteen volunteer roster for Term 3, the canteen requires two helpers every day, if you are able to assist on one or more days please contact the school office on 4423 1666 or email the school on

      Alternatively fill in the form on the school website under canteen in the Parent Info section.



      We are excited to announce the 2024 Spotlight Student Competition, open to all CEDoW students! This year's theme is "Artificial Intelligence in Education," and we invite students to create a digital product showcasing their creativity and understanding of AI.

      Participants are asked to design our 2024 Spotlight on AI in Education logo. If you choose to use AI tools, please specify which tool you used. Entries will be judged on their catchiness, engagement, clarity of message, and adherence to copyright rules.

      Outstanding entries will not only win exciting prizes but also have the chance to be featured in Spotlight 2024 marketing materials.

      Get creating and enter now!

      Visit for more details.

      Let's see your innovative ideas come to life!



      Students in Years 3, 5, 7, and 9 participated in the National Assessment Program – Literacy and Numeracy (NAPLAN) during Term 1. A NAPLAN individual student report will be provided for your child early in Term 3. The same report format is used for every student in Australia. 

      NAPLAN results are reported against proficiency standards. There is a standard for each assessment area at each year level. Proficiency standards provide clear information on student achievement. Student achievement is shown against 4 levels of proficiency:

      • Exceeding: the student’s result exceeds expectations at the time of testing. 
      • Strong: the student’s result meets challenging but reasonable expectations at the time of testing. 
      • Developing: the student’s result indicates that they are working towards expectations at the time of testing.
      • Needs additional support: the student’s result indicates that they are not achieving the learning outcomes that are expected at the time of testing. They are likely to need additional support to progress satisfactorily.

      If your child participated in 2024 and does not receive a report by Friday 2 August, contact the school office.


      Dear Parents / Carers
      Below you will find some every day procedures that will be helpful as parents and carers to learn the daily routine of the school.  With a student population this year of over 950, you can understand that routine is very important to the smooth running of the school. 
      The following are a list of procedures, which if followed correctly, will enable us to serve you in a friendly, efficient, professional manner at all times as well as allow students to focus on their learning.
      Early Leavers:
      If you need to collect your child early from school, please send a note in with them in the morning, which they will bring to the office before school. Students' diary will be stamped with an Early Leavers Pass providing them permission to leave class.  They will meet you at the office and there is no waiting for anyone.  It is very difficult to get a child out of class on short notice.  It is a disruption for the teachers and the rest of the class.  If a student is at sport, or doing a practical class then they can be difficult to locate.  If you find you need to pick your child up urgently please ring the school before you come in to give us time to locate them.  
      It would be appreciated if any change to after school travel arrangements to be communicated to your child is received by the office no later than 2.30pm.
      School times:
      Please ensure your child arrives at school on time.  School begins at 8.30am each morning.   If they are late they must report to the office to be signed in or they will be marked absent on the roll. 
      Lost Property:
      A real concern is the amount of lost property that comes into the office.  There are a number of uniform items each year that end up being sent to St Vincent de Paul as they have no names on them and students do not come to claim them.  We cannot return items if they are not clearly labelled.  Please put your child's name on all of their uniform items, especially blazers and sports track suits.  Hats are another item that often comes to the office with no name.  Do not think because they are now in high school they will not lose things!
      If your child becomes ill during the day you will be phoned to come and collect them.  Students who are not well enough to be in class must go home.  Please ensure we always have your updated telephone numbers.  Students are not to use their mobile phones to ring you if they are sick. Medication (including Paracetamol) will only be administered if supplied to the office with a Medical Consent form.
      Afternoon pick up:
      If you are picking your child up from school in the afternoon, please do not park in the staff car park at the front of the school. The only exception is if you are collecting a student from the learning support class.
      Valuables at school:
      Students are encouraged not to bring valuables or money to school.  The school is not responsible for loss or theft of valuables whilst students are at school.  All students are advised to keep valuables with them at all times, either in their pockets or in a pencil case in the classroom.  Due to WHS regulations all bags have to be left outside of classrooms. 
      Electronic Devices:
      Mobile phones, iPods, iPhones, MP3s and other electronic devices are permitted to be used before and after school however they are not to be used during school hours and must be switched off.   If a student is found to be using these items they will be confiscated.  The first confiscation is classed as their one and only warning, they will have the item returned to them at the end of the day. The second confiscation will result in the phone/electronic device being stored in the school office and the student will be required to attend a playground withdrawal before collecting their device the next day.  Third and consequent confiscations will be treated as an act of defiance and dealt with accordingly.  Parents are asked not to phone their children on their mobiles or to send them text messages during the day.  If you need to get an urgent message to your child please ring the school office and we will relay the message for you.
      Payments and consent must be submitted before the due date on Compass or the student may not be permitted to attend the excursion. The office will not accept payments or consent past the due date without prior approval from the Assistant Principal. 
      If there is any concern over the cost of an excursion or the ability to pay, please contact the Principal’s Secretary via the school office.  No child will be excluded from any compulsory excursion due to money constraints, however students or parents must inform their coordinator or appropriate person before the due date.
      Family Information:
      Please ensure that you advise the office of any change in family circumstances or contact details including email addresses, telephone numbers and residential and postal addresses.  This will assist the school with the communication process throughout the year. Important messages are sent out via email so it is essential that the school is informed of current email addresses. Carers of students who travel on school buses are required to update address details online via the Transport NSW website,
      The school newsletter will be sent via Compass to parents every second Friday and available via the school website. 
      School Policies:
      Please refer to the school website (via the Admin menu) or student diary, for school policies regarding jewellery, shoes, uniform and the consequences involved in non compliance with these policies.
      Please do not hesitate to contact the school via email, or by calling the office at any time if you have concerns. 


      In Term 3 a FREE Cross + Generation Technology Training Program for Seniors will be run by CatholicCare at St John the Evangelist Catholic High School, Nowra.

      To secure your position please contact Jane from CatholicCare on 0417 018 152 or email