Please click on the following links to pay for excursions.

Please note, excursions requiring payment require the printing and return of a permission note to provide consent.

Providing consent via compass is not available on excursions requiring payment.

18/2/21 Diocesan Tennis Wollongong

19/2/21 SJE Swimming Carnival- Competitors only

22/2/21 Year 11 Biology Mt Keira

1/3/21 Diocesan Girl's Touch Football

3-5/3/21 Year 9 Camp

11/3/21 Year 10 PASS Bronze Medallion

5/3/21 Year 10 Marine & Aquaculture Snorkeling

17/3/21 Year 9 & 10 Drama Playing Beattie Bow

31/3/21 Year 11 & 12 Drama Stop Girl

13-15/10/2021 Year 11 Senior Retreat

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