The opportunity to celebrate the core values of our school is provided through the School House System. Though this system is relatively new at St John’s the ideology that set the system in motion has a long, triumphant history.

When the Catholic community of Nowra formed a committee in 1986 to establish a Catholic High School for the Nowra community there began a dream. The closure of St Michael’s High School in 1967 meant that students who wanted a Catholic High School education had to leave Nowra and travel to the Southern Highlands or other regions.

When St John the Evangelist Catholic High School opened in 1990 twenty-three years after the close of St Michael’s, the Catholic community of Nowra had realised a dream for their children, grandchildren and future generations of Nowra children.

This dream for the children of the Nowra Catholic community reflects the hard work and vision of many of our Catholic ancestors. Some of these significant ancestors have been chosen as the patrons of our new houses; Chisholm, McCabe, Purcell, Benedict and MacKillop. The qualities and mission of these inspiring men and women are positive examples of what it means to live in the true spirit of our Catholic faith.

The values of hope, opportunity, peace, love, forgiveness, service, reverent spirituality, listening to the word of God, stewardship, hospitality, community, belonging, justice, truth and mission are not only the core values of our Catholic faith, but are also the values of St John’s. Our house patrons have been selected because they reflect these values and because they have had a direct influence on the establishment of our school and the Wollongong Diocese of which we are a part.

The House System is an aspect of the school that continues to be developed, improved, nurtured and cherished by all.

The House System is meant to simultaneously reflect both continuity and change in our community. While the House System represents a valuing of tradition and stability, it allows for the flexible, dynamic, ever-changing character of the school. Change is an integral part of our world. School communities, as a microcosm, must also adapt to change and deal with developments and challenges as needs arise. St John’s is no different.


Every student and member of staff of St John the Evangelist is allocated a House. For students, the House allocated is based on the home room (PALS class). Students maintain their allegiance to their House from Year 7 through to Year 12.

The House System is supported through PALS groups (Pastoral and Learning Support), and rewards are accruable through participation in Sporting, Cultural, Academic, Liturgical and Social Justice pursuits.


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